Monthly Programming and Form Checks


  • Access to monthly programs (Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and more!)
  • Monthly exclusive live stream Q&As with form checks
  • Ask questions anytime
  • Access to 100s of exclusive videos


If you are on a tight budget but would like an option that will give you multiple programs, form checks and the ability to ask questions every month then this is the best option. This also includes access to my Patreon feed where you can watch exclusive videos.

How this works:

This  is purchased through my Patreon. Once you purchase, you will have access to all programs and exclusive videos.

With this Patreon tier, you’ll be able to post a video of your lifts for a form check.

Along with live streams, you can also ask me any questions on my Patreon.

I post different programs, which include Olympic lifting programs, Powerlifting programs, and even Super Total programs. I also make videos explaining the programs and how to follow them, here is an example:

Who is this for? 

This coaching plan is for anyone! I include beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs, I’m willing to help anyone!

How to purchase?

Just click “Buy Now” and you will be redirected to my Patreon page, then just select the $10 option.